Best Improvements to Increase your Gainesville Home’s Selling Price

    Spending money wisely on home improvements can make the time you live in your home more comfortable while also adding to its future selling price. There are several improvements you can make to your home to increase its value compared to other houses for sale in Gainesville FL. If you are going to spend money on improvements, spend it on the areas that will increase the price of your home the most. The kitchen, bathroom, and front of the house are some of the best areas to improve upon.

    Houses for sale in Gainesville FL often have modern bathrooms, so spend the money to make your bathroom as modern as possible, and it will pay off when it is time to list it. Money spent on a minor or major bathroom remodel can improve a home’s value compared to other houses for sale in Gainesville FL. A minor bathroom remodel can involve replacing an outdated tub, outdated flooring, or fixtures. Be sure to repair any defects in the walls of your bathrooms and paint them if you need to.

    Consider spending money on landscaping to increase your home’s price compared to other houses for sale in Gainesville FL. You should be sure to browse your neighborhood and see what other houses for sale in Gainesville FL in your area are doing to their landscaping to get ideas on improvements for yours. You can also ask local landscaping or hardware supply stores for ideas on how to improve your landscaping. In general you should be sure that your landscape is watered regularly, and cut any overgrown greenery. You can consider adding outdoor lighting as well. Try to create a color scheme with flowers and shrubs in your yard, and it’s well worth it to hire a local landscaping company to make improvements to your landscape if you aren’t familiar with landscaping.

    Houses for sale in Gainesville FL will also have modern kitchens, and the kitchen is another area where remodeling money is well spent. Spending money to improve the cabinets by refacing or repainting them is a great investment, as the cabinets are one of the major attention grabbers in a kitchen. You won’t want to purchase completely new cabinets if you are selling soon, but refacing won’t cost as much as new cabinets. You can also make less expensive updates to make it more appealing like changing the lighting, purchasing new cabinet hardware, or repainting the kitchen.

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