Determining the List Price of Your Property

    If you have ever gone shopping for a home, you are already probably well aware that the list price is one of the major deciding factors in the homes you put on your list to look at. It is usually your realtor that decides what the selling price will be, but ultimately it’s the seller who will determine what the value of the home should really be. Setting the price can be tricky, as going to low will lose you money, while going too high can lose you potential buyers.

    The homes for sale in Gainesville, FL that will sell the fastest are those that are correctly priced. If you have the correct price for the type of property you are selling and the location where it sits, you will have a much better shot at pulling in a large number of interested buyers. It will also draw the attention of realtors and brokers, all of whom will want to know more about what it is you have to offer.

    There are a number of factors that tend to come into play that can end up with your house being overpriced and made to look less attractive to buyers. Many times it is the refusal of the seller to accept that their home is worth less than they imagine it to be. They will look at the location and how beautiful their home is and get a value stuck in their mind. When selling a home, you need to be truly objective. That means looking at other houses for sale in Gainesville, FL that are in your part of the city to see what they are selling for. If the price you want is way above that, you are likely aiming too high.

    Much of the activity that you see when you put a home up for sale comes in the first few weeks after the listing is made public. If the pricing is set just right, your phone will start ringing almost immediately, as potential buyers and realtors clamor to get a look. There are always active buyers out there at any given time, but they will only take an interest in your property of it fits the criteria they have in place, of which price is the most important.

    Rather than pulling a number out of thin air or giving it your best guess, you should consider hiring an appraiser to come and take a look at your home. They have nothing to lose or gain by delivering the fair market value to you, so you can always be sure that the price they quote you is fair. It is then up to you whether to use the market value they offer or perhaps go a little less. The latter option is one that is often taken by buyers who are anxious to sell, but who still want to get a fair price. At the end of the day, it is the buyer who truly determines what the value of the market is at any given time.

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