House Hunting: How to Balance Expectations with Reality

    House hunting is an art. And many have learned the art the hard way, but with realistic expectations, lots of research and patience you can secure the ideal home with little battle scars (if any) to show.

    First, don’t go house hunting without your down-payment and pre-approval letter from your lender. If you’re a serious buyer you would also have narrowed down your search to neighborhoods and preferred floor plans, whether they are to be homes in Gainesville, Fl or condos in Gainesville, Fl., for example. Before you head out, also determine the maximum house price you’re willing to settle on. Remember, with house buying there are several different auxiliary fees thrown at you, including homeowners insurance, property taxes and others, outside of the principal; its incumbent that you have a budget and seriously stick to it.

    House Hunting Made Simple – Tips from the Experts:

    1. Prepare a checklist and pinpoint specific characteristics you want on the outside from the inside. Say, for instance, Gainesville Fl homes may be known for having large backyard spaces and designed with three bedroom floor plans, perfect for families, whereas, Gainesville Fl condos may have less yard space, but more intimate internal features (functionality, square footage, wall tapestry, etc) ideal for young professionals.

    2. Take a camera and have snapshots of each home that is likely a winner.

    3. For each home, always note these factors: safety of the neighborhood, noise level (traffic and neighbors), reputation of local schools, etc.

    4. Don’t buy with your emotion (common among new homeowners); take a no-nonsense family member or friend with you. Decisively assess the pros and cons of each home.

    5. Look for the potential in a home, rather than its cosmetic shortcomings. Set your priorities: if it’s important to have three bedrooms, functioning systems and yard space, then don’t sacrifice that because you hate the carpeting.

    6. Homes that are priced right go fast; therefore, remain in close contact with your agent. If homes in Gainesville Fl or Condos in Gainesville Fl are winning options in a sellers’ market, your agent will be in the know and can have you in the midst of your ideal home in no time.

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