Selling your Gainesville FL Home in a Short Sale

    There are several circumstances where you might be required to sell your Gainesville FL home in a short sale. A short sale can be a much better alternative to a foreclosure in many cases, and lenders often prefer a short sale over a foreclosure. Listing your home as a short sale amongst the homes for sale in Gainesville FL can help you get out of a difficult mortgage and avoid having the negative mark of a foreclosure on your credit report. If you decide sell your home in a short sale, you will need to work with your bank in order to get an approval. You should also meet with a real estate attorney and a real estate agent with experience listing short sale homes for sale in Gainesville to determine whether or not a short sale is right for your particular situation.

    When listing your short sale home you will want to make your listing as attractive as possible to appeal to buyers and get the home sold quickly. Be sure to list your home at an attractive price that will drive interest compared to other homes for sale in Gainesville FL. Don’t list it too much higher than the market value of other homes for sale in Gainesville FL. Also don’t try to list it too low, because your bank will know the market price of homes for sale in Gainesville FL.

    Be sure to work with the right agent who has had experience with selling short sale homes. An inexperienced agent may not be able to find a buyer in time, and may not be able to market your home as effectively as an agent who is experienced with short sale. Ask your agent about their experience with listing homes for sale in Gainesville FL and talk to former clients to see how the selling process went. A lot of agents might advertise themselves as experts in selling distressed properties but may not have the experience that you need.

    Finish your short sale package as quickly as possible so that your lender has no reasons to cancel it. Also, be sure to find out the appraised value of your home. You can check other homes for sale in Gainesville FL in your neighborhood to get an idea on how your home should be priced. Talk to your real estate broker, and your bank may ask you to get an appraisal from a licensed real estate appraiser as well.

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