Staging your Home without Spending Much

    Staging houses for sale in Gainesville FL can cost upwards of $1,500 or more just for labor from a professional home stager, so if you don’t have the budget you might decide to stage your home yourself. There are many things you can do to stage your house so that it is appealing to prospective buyers and so that it sells quickly and above the minimum price that you want. Be sure to view other houses for sale in Gainesville FL to get ideas on how you should stage your home if you decide to skip working with a professional.

    Curb appeal and landscaping is important for houses for sale in Gainesville FL, and you should spend as much time and effort as you can on making your landscape look great. If you do your landscaping by yourself it won’t cost much money either. Your front yard will have the first impression on a prospective buyer, so be sure that your siding and walkways are clear and power wash them if necessary. Plant flowers if your landscape lacks them and other greenery that will make it look appealing. Be sure that your lawn is well maintained and weeded. Add new sod if you need to, and look at the yards of other houses for sale in Gainesville FL for ideas.

    You will need to make the interior of your home as spotless as possible, as other houses for sale in Gainesville FL will also be spotless. You should spend the time to scrub every part of your home and keep every room clear of clutter. Cleaning everything won’t cost you much money at all, but it will make a major difference when prospective buyers visit. Store any clutter in storage or at a relative’s house. Check other houses for sale in Gainesville FL; most of them will also be clear of clutter, as it creates a more open and inviting feeling in each room.

    Arrange your furniture so that the designs are symmetrical and so that there is plenty of walking space in each room. Buyers will be walking around in each room, so you will want to be sure that there is a clear path for them. You might need to put some of your furniture in storage if you have too much in a particular room. Also be sure to paint your rooms if the paint is outdated, and check other houses for sale in Gainesville FL for ideas on paint colors, but neutral white is generally a safe bet.

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