The Simplest Way to Sell Gainesville Florida Property Faster

    If you’re serious about selling Gainesville Florida Property in today’s market, one of your most important marketing tools is going to be the photo you take of the exterior. With over 80 percent of all home buyers starting their home search on the Internet, this photo is going to be the first thing they see, if it’s a bad one, it will also be the last. Like a good portrait, a good photo shows off the house’s best features and draws people in. Lucky for you, once you know a few photography tricks, getting the right shot is easy.

    Dress it Up

    The first thing to do before you start snapping photos is to clean up your Gainesville Florida Property – or at least the parts of it that you’ll be taking photos of. There’s nothing more unnecessary than photographing trash cans and overgrown lawns. Get out the weed whacker and stash the trash. Try arranging some potted plants on the porch or creating a nice seating area. Any time you spend preparing the outside of the home for a photo will be time well spent and will prepare you for showing it when buyers start calling.

    Keep it Lit

    Photography is all about lighting. Fortunately, when it comes to taking exterior photos, getting enough light on the subject isn’t usually a problem. All you have to do is take your photo from the right angle at the right time of day. Make sure the sun isn’t shining from behind the house or you’ll end of with a silhouette of the building. Instead, you want the light to be coming from behind the camera or from the side, illuminating the front of the house. And while you want to get enough light on your subject, you also don’t want to have too much. Early morning and early evening are great times of the day to take outdoor photos. The color of the light at the beginning and end of the day tends to be warmer, producing more compelling colors in the resulting photos. Noonday sun is glaring and should be avoided.

    What’s Your Angle?

    Though you don’t want to get too experimental, you do want to find the best angle to capture your subject from. Take a quick tour of the property with the camera to discover the best angles. You’ll likely want to experiment with a variety of shots. Try a tight close up that fills the frame with house, then try including various additional elements if there are any. Workshops, outbuildings, paved front walks, mature landscaping, waterfront and views should all be included when possible and aesthetically pleasing. See what works.

    Increase Your Options

    If you’re new to photography, taking winning pictures of your Gainesville Florida Property is going to be a process of trial and error mixed with a bit of luck. Give yourself the greatest chance of capturing the money shot by taking lots and lots of pictures. You’ll likely have to take dozens of photos of the same thing before you find one that is really stunning and conveys the right image of the house. The good news that with digital cameras, taking a few extra photos won’t cost you a thing. It can make all the difference though. Competition is stiff out there, take the time to get the right photo.

    Once you’ve taken your photos, you’ll have to move them from your camera to a computer in order to choose the right one, make any adjustments needed to get things just right and then upload your perfect shot to the Internet. It’s important to realize that though photo editing software can work wonders with photos, it cannot turn a rotten photo into a good one. Bad lighting and bad angles can only be marginally corrected at this stage. You can do a lot with a photo editor however and you’ll want to use one so that you can prepare your photo for display. Most sites you’ll be uploading to will provide specs that take the guesswork out of this for you. Basic tasks you’ll want to accomplish with the photo editor will be: resizing, cropping, brightness, contrast and color adjustments.

    Best of luck with this and have fun. Once you’ve mastered the exterior photo, interior shots will be a breeze.

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