Tips for Selling your Gainesville FL Home for the Most Money

    If you plan on selling your Gainesville FL home you want to make sure that you do everything you can to get the most money possible. When listing your house among all of the other homes for sale in Gainesville FL you should do everything possible to make your listing stand out. Nearly 90% of new home buyers search homes for sale in Gainesville FL online, so you should spend a good amount of time making your online listing look as professional and appealing as possible. Utilize every online home advertising medium that you can.

    Be sure that you get your home thoroughly inspected for issues, and repair as many of them as you have the budget for. A new home buyer will not want any major issues with the house, and if there are problems like a troublesome water heater or plumbing leaks, they can lower the price for the house substantially. If you can take care of the repairs yourself it will save you a lot of money, but if you don’t have the time or the experience you can shop around for an affordable contractor to make the repairs.

    Be sure to stage your home for sale. Staging homes for sale in Gainesville FL is a bit of an art and requires positioning the furniture, décor and other items in each room to look as attractive to potential buyers as possible.  You can hire a professional with experience in stating homes for sale in Gainesville FL, or you can stage your home yourself. One main thing you should do is to get rid of clutter, as many homes have too much furniture. Keep your spaces open so that each room seems larger. Also make sure that the lighting in your home is sufficient, and you may need to purchase higher wattage bulbs to improve the lighting in particular rooms.

    Don’t price your home too far above market value. You might want a bit of negotiation room, and if your home is in a more desirable area you will have the upper hand in price negotiations. If your home is not in a desirable area compared to other homes for sale in Gainesville FL you should price the home at market level or slightly below. When selling your home be sure to hire a real estate broker who is committed to selling your home for the highest price possible and who has had prior success closing homes for sale in Gainesville FL.

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